Chow Locally has merged with Blue Sky Organic Farms!
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We are thrilled to announce that Chow Locally has merged with Blue Sky Organic Farms.

Four years ago, Chow Locally set out to provide customers a convenient way to fill their homes with a beautiful variety of local and sustainable produce. By joining with our long time partner, Blue Sky Organic Farms, we are able to continue our mission at an even greater scale. Our team feels privileged to join with a company who you are already familiar with, whose produce has been in almost every Chow Share, and who like us, takes pride in providing customers with a great variety of organic, local produce.

What does this mean for you?

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Existing customers

Starting in November, all future shares will be distributed by Blue Sky Organic Farms. You will receive an e-mail from Blue Sky Organic Farms that will contain a link to the new website and your account login details to maintain your subscription, review your orders, select delivery dates, and all of the other great things you have some to expect from Chow Locally. You may also directly sign up for the Blue Sky Organic Farm's CSA here.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your support over the last four years. We could not have gotten here without your feedback, passion, and belief in our vision. We hope you continue on with Blue Sky Organic Farms and all they have to offer.

As always, thanks for supporting local food in Arizona!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blue Sky Organic Farms?

Blue Sky Organic Farms is a 20-year-old organic farm operating in Litchfield Park, Arizona. You frequently see them sold in the produce aisle at Whole Foods and have been a frequent contributor to the Chow Shares in the past. The best way to get to know them is to visit the farm during one of their Farm Days, held on the first Sunday of each month starting in December. But, until you can make it out to the farm, here is a short virtual farm tour from our visit to Blue Sky last year:

Will my pick up time or location change?

No, not initially, but over the next few months’ slight adjustments may be made as we consolidate delivery routes. Blue Sky Organic Farms also offers home delivery valley wide, including Tucson.

Will I have the option to put my share on hold?

Yes, you will use Blue Sky Organic Farms website to maintain those details.

Will you still be at the farmer’s markets?

Yes, the Chow Locally booth will turn in to a Blue Sky Organic Farms booth, and you will see the same friendly face that you are used to seeing.

I ordered a Chow Locally share before the cutoff on October 26th, will I still be able to pick it up?

The last Chow Locally share will be delivered between October 28th-November 1st. Blue Sky Organic Farms will distribute all future boxes.

Will there be a big upfront payment?

No, you can continue to pay week by week, however if you are able to make a larger upfront commitment you will receive discounted pricing.

Will the items in the share be organic?

Yes, the items in the share will only contain certified organic produce.

I like Chow Locally because the Chow Share contained many farms’ produce. Will that change?

Blue Sky Organic Farms has made a commitment to a certified organic share, so they will continue working with our partner farms that have achieved their organic certification.

Will the price change?

The new price options are as follows:
  • Small $16.50 (1 person)
  • Regular $21.00 (2 people)
  • Large $32.00 (4 people)
  • The week-to-week term is $16.50, $21.00 and $32.00 (Small, Regular, Large).
  • The 17-week term is $280.50, $357.00 and $544.00  (Small, Regular, Large).
  • The 34-week term is $561.00, $714.00 and $1088.00  (Small, Regular, Large).

Will the contents of my share change?

Your share will consist of what is in season and what Blue Sky Organic Farms is harvesting that week. You will also be able to pick from additional add-on items from local venders such as eggs, fruit, chicken, and bread.

Will I be charged for the change over or for home delivery?

There is no charge for the change, however if you opt for home delivery there will be a one time charge. The charge covers the cooler bag and cooler packs to ensure your produce stays as fresh as possible on it's way to your front door.

Does Blue Sky Organic Farms see my bank or credit card information?

Just like Chow Locally, Blue Sky Organic Farms has no access to your credit or bank information. Your stored information will only be handled by third party services such as Farmigo and merchant banks.

Will I continue to receive my Monday e-mail telling me what is in the weekly share?

You will no longer get a weekly e-mail with the contents of your share, but you can check the Blue Sky Organic Farms Facebook Page, that is updated regularly with what is in their share.

How can I contact Blue Sky Organic Farms?

You can contact Blue Sky Organic Farms at 623-266-4031