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Chow Locally makes healthy and sustainable eating easy. By joining the Chow Share program, you not only get healthy, fresh, ethically produced food at an affordable price, you support your local farmers and communities. Each week you'll receive the best produce that Arizona farmers have to offer.
Introducing the Chow Share! Fresh, healthy, local foods from the best small and mid-sized farms in Arizona
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Each week, with your Chow Share subscription, you'll get:

  • 7-10 varieties of freshly harvested organic or naturally grown produce from local farmers
  • Easy and healthy recipes using each week's items prepared by our chef and dietitian team
  • A guarantee that all foods were grown and harvested following our strict principles of ethical production
  • Your choice of convenient pick-up locations (you could even coordinate a new pick-up for your community or business)
  • Total control to place your subscription on hold, or cancel any time with our account tools.

Best CSA by Phoenix New Times

Chow Locally was honored to be selected as Best CSA for the 2012 Best of Phoenix Awards.
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