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What is the Chow Share?

We work with a large number of amazing food producers in Arizona.  And we want to give you the very best of what's available in the most convenient ways.  So, we've created the Chow Share, a simple subscription service that allows you to receive the best local foods each week in one box. As with all of our other items, everything is harvested from the field only days from you picking it up. Think of it as a city-wide CSA program. Here is the best part: we will also provide you with recipes, nutrition info, and online cooking videos!  As a result, your weekly share will contain fresh, healthy local food; all the tools you need to make it; the info you need to make sure it fits into your diet; and of course our strict principles related to ethics, sustainability, and animal and worker welfare!

What exactly do I get?

You’ll get 7-10 varieties of produce each week. A recent example of our Chow Share included:

How does it work?

The Chow Share is a subscription program. Simply sign up and you’ll get a weekly box of beautiful produce (along with recipes and nutrition info). Your credit or debit card will be automatically debited each week you get a share. And you can use your account tools to fully customize your experience, from placing temporary holds on your share if you’re out of town, to canceling whenever you need to.

What is the cost?

The Chow Share is $26.97/week (includes tax). However, unlike normal subscriptions, you may place a temporary holds or cancel any time. This comes in useful for when you're out of town for a weekend or two.

Your Chow Share membership includes many benefits, including farm tours, dinner events, and more! To support the cost of each week's packaging and these new benefits, there is a one-time lifetime $20.00 membership fee for all new Chow Share members.

How will I get my share?

You'll be able to pick-up your share at any of our current pick-up locations. If none of the below locations are convenient for you, consider coordinating a new pick-up site where you live or work.

Opening Soon Locations

These locations will be opening within the upcoming months. Stay tuned for details!

What if I have questions?

We would love to help answer them! Reach out to us using any of the following ways:

  • · support@chowlocally.com · We typically respond to emails within a few hours.
  • · 855-CHOW-LOC (1-855-246-9562) · Mon-Sat, 9am-4pm · We usually answer right away. If for some reason we miss your call, we typically respond to voicemail within 24 hours.
  • · @ChowLocally
  • · facebook.com/ChowLocally
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