Our Principles


Our agricultural products are 'local,' meaning that the majority are produced within 150 miles of the downtown Phoenix area. While we believe in supporting local food producers, we believe in a science-based approach to sustainable food production. Some studies suggest that regional food production and distribution – that is, operating as a food hub for a larger area – might be the most sustainable food system model. As such, we also believe in the concept of a 'food shed,' or a regional food production system. Some of our agricultural products may be produced outside the 150-mile radius, but they are still part of a regional food system, contribute to the local economy, and are always Arizona-grown. We will always note which products are grown outside this radius on our site.

Fruits and vegetables

We support certified organically grown, or certified naturally grown, produce. This is to ensure that our farmers never use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMO seeds. To this end, all fruit and vegetable growers are either certified as such or have been verified to follow these practices based on farm visits, interviews, and video evidence. All growers must also grow their own produce; they may not resell another grower's items as their own.

Grains, flours, and legumes

We support certified organic, certified naturally grown, and/or native grains and flour production. To this end, we work with producers of native flours (mesquite flour) and legumes (tepary beans).


We support truly cage-free egg production. Specifically, this means chickens and hens have access to fields in which they can perform natural animal behaviors (e.g., scratching and rooting) in open, uncrowded space, the majority of days throughout the year and the majority of hours throughout the day.